Stop My Cat Peeing

Step 1-pineapple dispersion around the flower bed. Cats can not stroll through the flower bed, without trampling pineapple. Pineapples are sharp and stop my cat peeing irritate the legs of a cat, so the cat will stay way. Step 2-cut screens a fence or a trellis in the open area of the frame. Once again the cat in this material do not step, and you not the wont be able to hide, the place had, defecating to dig. Jack is another place to go. Step 3 apply a domestic cat repellent around the perimeter of the bed of flowers. This progress will go through not the cats in the flower base. Pour distilled water into a spray bottle. Dripping oil for drops of eucalyptus oil, Orange and lemon oil. Shake and have your homemade repellent. A sprinkler in your flower bed way and/or speed sensor plug step 4. If a cat on the bed of flowers, the way and/or sensor irrigation sprinkler is activated. Cats not wet like and runs in the other direction. .