Stop My Cat Peeing Everywhere

My cat is urinating. There are 2 types of inappropriate Urinatation: removal of garbage and urine-marking/spraying. To resolve this problem, you must determine what kind of improper occurs urination. How do you know the difference? Are you in the first place, stop my cat peeing everywhere where your cat urinates? -If the urine on a horizontal surface, it is probably inadequate urination. In this case, you can see that your cat in the same position sitting, if urine in bed and be due to urinary problems. You should consult your veterinarian for further testing and diagnostic investigations. -If the urine approximately six inches off the floor sits on a vertical surface (wall, furniture, etc.), is probably very little markup / urine spraying. Is your cat with its tail over their heads to urinate. Information about more info on feline SprayingMore like Feliway ® can help prevent or reduce the spray was,.