Stop Cat Peeing Vents

The spray can be a symptom of a disease, it might as well, because of the stress, combined with a new person into the carpet, new home remodeling or the presence of a cat in the vicinity. Here is how to redirect your cat for the sandbox. Question: my cat has urinated on the carpet. How to avoid this behavior?Urinating in unusual places (out of the box sand) it could be a medical problem (infection, crystal formation), a behavior problem, or a combination of both. The purpose of this FAQ is to identify and distinguish medical problems and feline urinary behaviors. Answer: If cats urinating in unusual places (carpets, furniture, sink, etc.), master to urinate, urinate often excessively in the perineal region or one maintain any combination of this behavior, is important to rule out a medical problem at the beginning. This applies in particular with cats (spayed or not), the formation of crystals and urinary tract can cause inflammation, that a deadly disease in hours!Medical issues related to changes in the urinary behaviors include urinary tract infection or inflammation, partial, constipation, problems with excessive thirst and urination or renal insufficiency, metabolic diseases such as diabetes. It is important to understand the possible signs of a urinary tract infection. Cats may urinate in unexpected places, if stressed, as a movement, new family member (human or animal), construction or renovation of the House, and So on. Your vet examine your cat, behaviors discussed at home and the appropriate tests, including a urine analysis to do. The urine test measures the concentration of urine (make sure that the functioning of the kidneys) and red blood cells, white blood cells and inflammatory. The veterinarian may recommend also a blood test or X-ray. If your vet believes that an infection or obstruction exists, it is necessary to undergo medical treatment. In the case of a partial blockage stop cat peeing vents or obstruction of the urinary tract, the minutes and the hours count! Obstruction of the urinary tract can be fatal. One important thing, the condition can still be NoteCats with urine with sand to avoid professional, even if the medical problem because it can be associated with pain or discomfort with the sandbox. Or they keep that too dirty use, when used frequently. A thorough cleaning to do (or get a new sandbox) and you provide your cat with the use of the sandbox, you can these different behaviors to correct. Programming your cat and changes the behavior of avoiding litter box requires patience, but a good start is a box with clean sand and isolate the cat in a small space such as bathroom with sand box available. It is important to remove the carpet and other materials that are more attractive than the sandbox. You must make sure to glue election litter with fragrance for its cat litter, a good place to start is used. In short, please contact your veterinarian or a filter when you see your cat urinate outside the box more (or less) sand, frequent urination to the urinate. Time is the essence, the earlier the better call later. Attention to the law and litter habits quickly, if there is a problem, you can only save your cat lives.  Plus: urinary problems in cats,,