Stop Cat Peeing Floor

Here it is. The big question that everyone wants to know. Here is the scoop. I had a table in the dining room sits deep. Ophelia one day I realized that I began to feel too weird. I moved the table and found that this PIs. Then, rub, wipe, clean the carpet (luckily I have a carpet cleaner!). Occurs again. And again. So, naturally, I called the veterinarian and make an appointment. An obese cat is, and then you can a lot of problems. After the fourth or fifth clean plastic bags I settled on the floor. Hates bags, so I thought it could keep him away. It makes you pee in your pocket. Therefore confined to a small area where you could go to the basement to garbage drawer, in addition to access to food and water. Her to the vet, I have proof. She has diabetes. The requirement a urine sample, then I it after brought home, hold tight (by orders of the veterinarian) and champion. She has a urinary tract infection. Now, we move forward. Now, it's the recipe food for diabetes (Purina DM) and its antibiotic for ICU. Left out of the enclosure, but it kept the place the she piss stuck, because I wanted to clean up a couple of times. Two species of fauna purified enzymes, vinegar, SOAP, detergent, peroxide mixture. Area at least 10 times otherwise cleaned when it locks, it MEA takes. stop cat peeing floor As you clean. I've decided the last time the food and water follow directly on the spot where he pee was. Why everyone tells me that cats don't go where food is NOP. It will do so. You cares to. Had to be cleaned in two different locations in the region. How can I avoid it?I can get no lock case and tables of letters and other things forever. Of course it would be economically Dechirais, but carpet is not an option. You can now buy new furniture to fill the place and prevented, including crawl. I can't understand you. My cat urine obviously not to worry about the Otello. Arena box not va-USA of all time. And Ophelia is the litter (and Yes, if I clean, I have someone make a to and allow only one of them is the case). So, I'm confused. I need to know what I can do. Does anyone have a solution have? .